What is it?

CONSENS XR is a set of innovative applications for presenters and performer using a combination of sensor- & trackingtechnologies in a realtime  graphic engine to control and manipulate content in AR, XR, MR and VR environments.

An interactive tool set created by UNITED MOTION LABS for the use at live event, virtual events, streaming events, business presentations and all kind of performances interacting with content and virtual environments.

The project was supported by „Wirtschaftsagentur Wien“ (Vienna business agency).

What is the special thing about it?

In comparison to other services on the market, our concept is not based on one certain hardware.
Neither/Nor do we produce any kind of hardware.  The USP of our project is that we combine several existing state of the art, high level technology sensor and tracking systems  to control realtime content and can thereby offer impressive AR, VR, MR and XR package solutions.
This includes the creation of content respectively the preparation of your data/content for the realtime engine, as well as providing the sensors/trackers, which fits best to your individual case and support you with introduction and training sessions to get used to the control system/ presenter system. 

We created easy to use solutions for presenters interacting live with their presentation content, make it happen in an immersive environment.

Why Realtime Content?

Content solutions with realtime engines become more and more common.
This has several reasons:

  • the possibility of interactivity, live events triggered on demand
  • a bunch of new opportunities to create excitements, increase the presence and impression of content
  • possibility of live interacting with environments
  • immersive environments with integrated live interactions create a whole universe of possibilities- high quality output (permanent increasing)
  • no render times

So it’s time for realtime content integration at business, culture and art events!

Why sensors at all?

Of course is it possible to control realtime content by mouse, keyboard and joystick but sensors/trackers give us several big advantages:

  • most intuitive way to control, use gestures and motioncapture to interact
  • independence from a desk/lectem, usable for virtual and live events on stage
  • independence from output size (also usable with big LED screens or multi monitor setup)
  • hand freedom (no hardware which needs to be hold in the hand)
  • innovative way working with live motion data from performer movements/dynamics

Wearables and trackers offer smart translation of natural behaviour into digital output.

What is it for?

The possibilities are nearly endless – CONSENS XR will revolutionize your presentations, events and digital experiences!

The greatest benefit of non-linear content solutions is that it’s not determined „what will happen next.“

Think about any kind of presentations, where you can decide to change the order of your information on the fly or to corroborate a presented fact, because you can switch on demand in a detail view. 

Impress your business partner or customer at the trade fair with a new kind of product presentation. Introduce and explain your product intuitive and according to the individual needs of your client.
No more need to give your counterpart a predefined lecture.  With CONSENS XR it is possible to show intuitive the benefits of your product from all angles, to react fast with the right view to questions or zoom into details. 

Another great advantage of CONSENS XR concerns the live performance / event sector. Imagine a performer on stage wearing a mocap-suit and by this, he can manipulate and control the visual content behind him in realtime. 

A performer, a hightech mocap-suit and the surrounding content interacting in realtime with him/her. 

Please check out the following case studies to get an impression of the possibilities:

Case Studies & Product lines

CONSENS XR „Business Presentation“

As mentioned above, with CONCENS XR it is possible to hold a presentation non-linear or in other words interactive. Furthermore no mouse, keyboard or clicker is necessary – instead predefined gestures are used to control the  presentation and accordingly guide through the presentation.

Whatever your needs are, with our in-house developed navigation & HUD logic, we can develop a smart hierarchy of your data and connect it to the gesture presentation mode.

Particularly impressive is the use within a streaming event. In that case the presentation can float in front of you  – like a hologram –  or it can be implemented in a complete digital & interactive environment (XR Studio solution).

CONSENS XR „MR Product Presentation“

This setting is about presenting a product in front of a big LED wall or in a XR Studio environment. The interactive content is controlled live by the presenter. Position – and finger tracking (in the video below sensor gloves are used) feed our in-house developed navigation & HUD logic, which then triggers our content design.

If you have a streaming event, it is additionally possible to match the real camera with the virtual camera. This means that the perspective of the virtual environment and the assets will be shown correctly in every camera position.
This means perspective of the virtual environment and real people or objects will melt perfectly into an illusion.

Check out the video to see how intuitive and impressive it can be to show and explain your product with CONSENS XR.

CONSENS XR „AR Presentation“

An Augmented Reality presentation means, that digital content (like a  3D model of a product) will overlie the real world. With a special device, like AR-glasses, the user still see the real world and can interact with a digital 3D model, which is placed in his environment. (In comparison to VR-glasses, where the user is completely cut off from the outside world.)

It is possible to rotate, scale or explore your 3D model, have a detail look on certain components or start animations on demand. This can be extended with further features up to your needs.

It is also possible to stream your AR-View / your AR presentation to a screen or to the net. 

The range of application is versatile:  From employee trainings to one-to-one sales talk up to big presentations at trade fairs, this is a powerful and innovative way of presentation.

Expect further documentation about our app soon!

CONSENS XR „Performance“

Multimedia Performances are a popular show-act nowadays. In most cases, these shows are pre-produced and practised. In the end it look like that the performer is interacting with the digital background. With CONSENS XR it can really be interactive!

In our solution the performer is wearing a mocap-suit and the data will be transferred to and processed in the realtime engine with a very low latency, which gives us great artistic opportunities.

We have made different characters in different levels of abstraction to show the wide range of possibilities. 
Besides virtual characters, imagine complete virtual worlds, where a performer is interacting with 3D assets or a classical conductor who is controlling abstract visuals by his hand and body movements. Limits are only in your head!


Any Questions?

If you have any questions, need more information or individual consulting, please do not hesitate contacting us.
We are happy to hear from you!


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